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Good quality Taxi Top Led Display for sales
Good quality Taxi Top Led Display for sales
Hi Max. I received your mail. Your taxi led display is an amazing product. I am inquiring if you would allow me to be an agent and sell them here.

—— Mandi Bellardi

The taxi toppers I got from your company have more brightness than what I bought from other suppliers. The ads contents could be seen under sunshine.

—— Neil Boderman

3G remote cluster controlling is so convenient to operate that it helps us save a lot of workforce. You know, saving workforce means earn more money.

—— Carlos Villegas

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Shenzhen OColour Technologies Co., Ltd Shenzhen OColour Technologies Co., Ltd Shenzhen OColour Technologies Co., Ltd Shenzhen OColour Technologies Co., Ltd

  • Production Line

    Production Line Profile 


    We are one of the advanced factories that have full automatic product line. Monthly production capacity of 2000 square meters. All raw materials are strictly tested before they were brought in.


    Equipments Support


    We have the most advanced production equipments in led display industry, such as automatic SMD, automatic taping Machine, reflow soldering machine, wave soldering Machine, etc. We are also equipped with some reliability testing machines, such as programmable constant temperature, photometric colorimetric electric tester for led, electric heating air-blowing drier, luminance colorimeter.


    Shenzhen OColour Technologies Co., LtdShenzhen OColour Technologies Co., LtdShenzhen OColour Technologies Co., LtdShenzhen OColour Technologies Co., LtdShenzhen OColour Technologies Co., Ltd


    We have developed manufacturing management system and professional led display research and deveopment technology and also continue to fresh technical innovations to provide our clients all kinds of LED display OEM/ODM services.

  • R&D

    Core Strengths

    We have a dedicated team of professional engineers who are based on our state-of-the-art R & D Research department. Our R & D team has the right expertise and teh ease of access to the latest technological platforms required to lead, enhance and make sure we remain the best breed. We posess a wide range of patented intellectual property rights and over 7 years in existence deveoped a myriad of technological platforms which we implemented over our range of products, such as in the early doption of PWM technology compared with other manufaturers, and the serious implementation of the Dot-to-Dot calibration.


    Research and Deveopment Policy

    It has been the prime objective of the Ocolour management to ensure the continual capability fo innovate in order to live up to with customers' expectations and specific market requirements. Our policy and practise is to make sure each year a minimum of 6% of our revenue is being reinveted into R & D department.


    a. Full Brightness Adjustment with Intact Levels of Grey Scale

    We are the very first earlier adopter of the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Technology in the led display industry. By applying the PWM technology over Ocolour led display system the in-build level of gray-scale is virtually hard-wired and remained intact even if we vary the input level of the constant current supply source. Hence with the number of pray-scale levels remaining intact under changing current level condition due to ambience sensors f.i. the image retains its swiftness and smoothness. When translated into daily life, this feature is especially instrumental and visually beneficial to owners and viewers of the display when the ambient auto-brightness sensing is frequently triggered in a mundane routine.


    Shenzhen OColour Technologies Co., Ltd


    b. Single Led Calibration

    Our Single Led Brightness Calibration Technology ensures a brightness of less than ±2% so that after calibration, our led displays show even brightness and better picture quality across the entire surface.

    Single ledChrome Calibration Technology guarantees the perpect colour uniformity across the entire led display. Additional skin-colour and green-colour rendering technology calibrates every single led to a ensure a softer picture and a better stereo vision, bring you instantly back to the natural world.


    Shenzhen OColour Technologies Co., LtdShenzhen OColour Technologies Co., Ltd


    c. 16-Bit Colour Processing and 7680Hz Refresh Rate

    Patented module design ensures 16-Bit colour processing and refresh rates of 7680Hz or more, which can ensure stunning and sharp video image and avoid any flickering problem during broadcasting.


    Shenzhen OColour Technologies Co., Ltd

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